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Architect Deng Xiaoping
  Deng Xiaoping As A State Leader (1978-1992)
  Deng Xiaoping as a State Leader (1950-1978)
  Study abroad
  The early years after the return
  Building the 7th and 8th armies of the Red Army
  Before and after the long march
  Resistance against Japanese agression
  The decisive years
  Liberating the great southwest
  General secretary of the Party
  Years of hardship and danger
  Ushering in a new era
  "Deng Xiaoping in 1928" to premiere in Shanghai
  Kissinger: Deng one of greatest men of 20th century
  Project Hope student cherishes memory of Deng
  Cradle of China's rural reform sees tremendous changes
  Project Hope beneficiary cherishes memory of Deng Xiaoping
  Deng Xiaoping boosts China's international status
  TV documentary "Hello, Xiaoping!" to screen
  Deng the father of modern and mighty China: Ershad
  People hold Deng in high esteem
  Collection of Deng's military works published
  Album on Deng Xiaoping's life published
  CCTV to telecast documentary on Deng's military life
  Books published to mark Deng's 100th birth day
  "Eternal Memory" hot sale in Hong Kong
  Art curiosities to mark 100th birthday of Deng Xiaoping
  Deng Xiaoping -- leader with great talent and bold vision
  Ying Tung Fok -- HK's pioneer follower of Deng's opening up policy
  90-year-old newsman cherishes memory of Deng Xiaoping
  Books on Deng Xiaoping best sellers among students
  Medals issued to commemorate Deng Xiaoping
  Exhibition on life of Deng Xiaoping under preparation
  Stamp album issued to commemorate Deng Xiaoping
  New film on Deng Xiaoping's life
  HK media reflect on Deng's theory
  Why it's vital to recall what Deng said about HK
  Deng Xiaoping on 'one country, two systems'




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