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  Exhibition on Deng Xiaoping attracts 120,000 visitors
  Deng Xiaoping's centenary celebrated
  Hu: Deng's legacy still influences China
  Hu: Deng sets a glorious example for people
  China advances along path pioneered by Deng
  Xiaoping's donation benefits 25 poor students
  Memento man's maze of memories
  Heath hails Deng as brilliant leader
  Netizens recall Deng with simple, hearty language
  Deng Xiaoping's hometown experiences economic reform
  Deng a brilliant leader in shaping China -- Heath
  Deng's theory, a permanent lighthouse for China
  Pudong: Masterpiece of Deng's opening thoughts
  Deng steers China with exploring spirit
  Laid-off workers cherish memory of Deng Xiaoping
  Deng's reform and opening a pioneering idea: Chilean senator
  Deng: Most successful returned overseas student
  Brezinski: Deng changes China's position in world
  Brezinski: Deng changes China's position in world
  Man of stature in political, world arenas
  Reform architect's legacy cherished
  Museum remembers reform architect Deng Xiaoping
  "Deng Xiaoping in 1928" to premiere in Shanghai
  Kissinger: Deng one of greatest men of 20th century
  Project Hope student cherishes memory of Deng
  Cradle of China's rural reform sees tremendous changes
  Project Hope beneficiary cherishes memory of Deng Xiaoping
  Deng Xiaoping boosts China's international status
  TV documentary "Hello, Xiaoping!" to screen
  Deng the father of modern and mighty China: Ershad
  People hold Deng in high esteem
  Collection of Deng's military works published
  Album on Deng Xiaoping's life published
  CCTV to telecast documentary on Deng's military life
  Books published to mark Deng's 100th birth day
  "Eternal Memory" hot sale in Hong Kong
  Art curiosities to mark 100th birthday of Deng Xiaoping
  Deng Xiaoping -- leader with great talent and bold vision
  Ying Tung Fok -- HK's pioneer follower of Deng's opening up policy
  90-year-old newsman cherishes memory of Deng Xiaoping
  Books on Deng Xiaoping best sellers among students
  Medals issued to commemorate Deng Xiaoping
  Exhibition on life of Deng Xiaoping under preparation
  Stamp album issued to commemorate Deng Xiaoping
  New film on Deng Xiaoping's life
  HK media reflect on Deng's theory
  Why it's vital to recall what Deng said about HK
  Deng Xiaoping on 'one country, two systems'




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