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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅲ)

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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅲ)

A photo of a Blang couple in 1971, taken by Liu Qijun. [Photo/ China Photographers Association]

Blang ethnic group

Inhabiting Yunnan, the Blang people have created abundant oral literature, taking the form of legend, tale, poem, aphorism, puzzle, and so on. The most popular sport of the brave Blang men is martial art, expressing their labor, self-defense, and imitating the activities of beasts.

The Blang people are also deft. The areas where they live abound in bamboo and vine, and most of them, even adult men, make use of that and can weave all kinds of baskets to be carried on the back, flower baskets, sieves, mats, and nearly all the furniture such as bamboo-strip tables. Their houses are also made of bamboo, which can be lived in for 20 years.

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