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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅲ)

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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅲ)

A photo of an Uzbek family reunion in 1979, photo taken by Che Wenlong. [Photo/ China Photographers Association]

Uzbek ethnic group

Living along the famous Silk Road, the Uzbek people were mainly involved in commerce and trade until the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). They are Muslim, and their adherence to Islamic customs is reflected in their food, clothing and culture, which are similar to those of the Uygur and Tatar people.

The staple food of the Uzbek people is nang and milk tea, as well as horsemeat, sheep, and oxen. As the Uzbek people are very polite, they insist the senior member of a party should be seated in the best position. When there are so many people present that they cannot all be seated at one table, women and children sit at another.

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