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头大 be puzzled,have a headache,be in a stew; 玩儿完 be over,collapse

跳槽 change jobs,job-hopping; 铁公鸡 a mean person

抬杠 argue,wrangle; 套近乎 try to get in with somebody

闷罐子 a metaphor for someone who doesn't talk too much; 历女 history girl

拿下 solve,settle,accomplish; 念想 hopes,longings,desires

抠门儿 stingy; 零帕族 zero-Pascal clan

没脾气 have no way out; 窥探文化 peep culture

马屁精 butt-kisser; 卖相 outward appearance

老到 experienced; 老油条 a slippery or cunning person

猎头 searching for senior talented people in various fields; 零碎儿 odds and ends 

来电 to fall in love with someone; 捞外快 make extra money apart from one's salary by doing business or a part-time job

靠谱 to be accurate or reliable in speech or action;忘年恋 May-December romance

开涮 make fun of; 开洋荤 enjoy foreign food

回头客 repeat customer; 叫座 a box-office success

糊弄 fool; 话痨 one who is talkative

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