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  • What they say

    2011-08-23 07:23

    We should reflect on the reasons for the two countries' friendship of more than 2,000 years and the ups and downs of the past 50 years to make the best policies possible. ZHAO QIZHENG, head of the foreign affairs committee of the CPPCC

  • What they say

    2011-08-22 07:38

    "If we encourage nationalism, the politics will eventually fail, and it will affect a series of issues, including the (disputed) islands, which is an issue yet to be resolved for many Japanese." KATO KOICHI, chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Association

  • 'Deepening China-Japan exchange'

    2011-08-21 15:39

    "A long-term, healthy and stable China-Japan tie fits the fundamental interests of people from both countries, and can contribute to peace and development in Asia and the world."
    -- Wang Chen, minister of the State Council Information Office

  • Premier in Japan's radiation-hit areas

    2011-08-19 14:14

    "A friend in need is more precious. I hope the friendship forged between the Chinese and Japanese people through this joint effort in disaster relief will be long-lasting and solid." -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao

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