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  • Japan welcomes Chinese tourists during holiday

    2011-08-23 08:32

    Japan will further relax its visa policy and provide more convenient services to attract more tourists from the Chinese mainland, said Hiroshi Mizohata, commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency.

  • China's growth to bring opportunities to Japan

    2011-08-21 16:56

    "China-Japan relations are not only bilateral but also have wide implications over regional and world affairs that demand a global perspective to develop ties."

  • Japan welcomes more Chinese tourists

    2011-08-21 12:27

    Japan will facilitate visits from more Chinese tourists and regard it an important base for mutual understanding, said Renhō, a member of the Upper House of the Diet of Japan.

  • Japan, China trade ministers agree to facilitate trade

    2011-05-22 07:04

    Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Banri Kaieda met with visiting Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming in Tokyo Saturday and agreed the two countries will promote bilateral trade.

  • FTA good for more robust growth

    2011-05-22 07:57

    Economists said the sooner a trilateral free-trade agreement (FTA) can be concluded among China, Japan and South Korea, the better it will be for a robust and sustainable growth in the region.

  • Quake takes toll on Japan-China bilateral trade

    2011-04-17 08:44

    The Japanese earthquake has cast a shadow on the production by Japanese companies in China and the impact on bilateral trade will be reflected gradually in the coming months.

  • China, Japan, South Korea 'closely linked in trade'

    2010-04-19 13:13

    Former Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan said Monday that China, Japan and South Korea are " mutually complementary in economy and closely linked in trade."

  • Prospects look good for China, Japan

    2011-08-12 08:35

    The bilateral economic relationship between China and Japan is poised to pick up, as the latter's economy is headed toward a recovery, according to a poll.

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