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  • Rumors about Bo Xilai incident ungrounded

    2012-04-29 22:34

    So-called "exclusive tip-offs" regarding the Bo Xilai incident have been reported by some foreign media in recent days, but they are all ungrounded.

  • Western media should be more professional

    2012-04-29 09:06

    The media melodrama featuring Bo Xilai seems to have the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster.

  • Western media prefer fiction

    2012-04-27 08:05

    Basing their reporting on the facts surrounding the Chongqing incident, most of the foreign media have told a story that has more in common with the American soap-opera Desperate Housewives.

  • Chongqing police vow to safeguard foreigners

    2012-04-23 07:54

    Chongqing municipal police have vowed better protection of foreigners in the megacity for business, study or tourism.

  • Chongqing to better protect foreigners

    2012-04-21 15:13

    Chongqing municipal police have vowed better protection of foreigners in the megacity for business, study or tourism, in the wake of a scandal involving the death of British national Neil Heywood.

  • Conspiracy theory seeks to politicize crimes

    2012-04-21 08:02

    That one of the subjects of the investigations was in a position of political significance will have political consequences.

  • Foreign investment in Chongqing unaffected

    2012-04-20 03:14

    Several heavyweight foreign investors have expressed their willingness to continue investing in Chongqing, saying the recent reshuffle of the city's top officials has not affected their confidence in doing business there.

  • Bo's probe applauded as demonstration of transparency, resolution

    2012-04-19 14:57

    Self-discipline and anti-corruption efforts cannot work until they are conducted in an open and transparent manner.

  • Bo's probe applauded as demonstration of transparency

    2012-04-18 22:59

    An investigation into ex-senior official Bo Xilai over discipline violations has demonstrated the Communist Party of China's resolution and transparency in self-discipline, officials, scholars and netizens have said.

  • Maintaining stability

    2012-04-18 08:09

    The Wang Lijun incident and an investigation into serious discipline violations by Bo Xilai have caused some from overseas to speculate about China's future, says a commentary of Xinhua News Agency.

  • Life moves on in Chongqing

    2012-04-16 20:21

    "We were shocked to learn the recent big news, but it does not seem to have affected our gatherings."

  • Rule of law takes root

    2012-04-16 07:59

    The handling of the Wang Lijun incident, the death of Neil Heywood and Bo Xilai's case of serious disciplinary violations is a major issue related to Party principles and the law.

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