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Deputies strive to make a difference

[2016-03-17 08:20]

Each of the deputies, driven by concern for people's livelihoods, was willing to sit down and share his or her concerns with a journalist.

Li confident of realizing growth target

[2016-03-17 02:08]

The country is set to achieve its annual economic growth target while pushing forward supply-side reform, says Premier Li Keqiang.

Deputy sings praises of rare opera

[2016-03-16 08:09]

Lei Tongxia first encountered Longju Drama, a unique traditional opera from Northwest China's Gansu province, when she was 12 and living in a local village. Since then, she has been addicted to it.

Property market collapse ruled out

[2016-03-16 02:36]

China's real estate market will not collapse as happened in Japan two decades ago, because the situations of the two countries are very different.

Guang'an aims to lift more than 280,000 out of poverty

[2016-03-15 21:36]

Guang'an in eastern Sichuan province has vowed to lift more than 280,000 people out of poverty by 2018, a senior official said.

Soybean province wants protection from GM crops

[2016-03-15 18:02]

National legislators from Heilongjiang province are calling for a law to set up a special zone where the planting and processing of GM plants is prohibited.

Overseas academics share their thoughts on China's reform policies

[2016-03-15 15:55]

Scholars around the world share their views about China's reform policies which have impressed them the most over the past year.

Delegates' advice on cultural development

[2016-03-15 15:34]

"Requirements for higher education have become an obstacle for the building and development of the teaching team among art colleges."

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