Li calls SE Asian tour 'complete success'

Updated: 2013-10-15 22:07

HANOI -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang used "a complete success" to describe his attendance to a series of East Asian leaders' meetings in Brunei and his visit to three Southeast Asian countries.

He made the remarks Tuesday when talking to the Chinese press corps accompanying him before leaving the Vietnamese capital for Beijing.

Li recalled that during the series of East Asian leaders' meetings, he raised a seven-pronged proposal on the framework of cooperation between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the coming decade.

The initiative, which highlights pragmatic cooperation and win-win cooperation of mutual benefit, resonated well with ASEAN leaders, he said.

During the meetings, Li said the Chinese side reiterated its principled position on the South China Sea issue, expressing its belief that China and relevant countries have the wisdom to solve the problems between them and resolve disputes through bilateral consultations and negotiations.

Li said China is ready to continue to work with ASEAN countries to guarantee freedom and safety of navigation in the South China Sea for now and in the future. China also believes that relevant parties are capable of maintaining the tranquility and peace of the South China Sea.

He also said that on the sidelines of the East Asian leaders' meetings, he held many bilateral meetings with foreign leaders and reached important consensus with them.

China will stick to the path of peaceful development, and make the greatest efforts with the utmost patience to safeguard peace in the South China Sea and resolve disputes between China and other claimants, Li said, adding that China is determined to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In Thailand, the second leg of the Southeast Asian tour, Li said the traditional familial affection between China and Thailand has been cemented by a new bond.

Political trust between China and Thailand has increased while breakthroughs have been made in practical cooperation, Li said, noting that the two countries have reached an agreement in principle on railway cooperation.

China's high-speed railway for this region is competitive in performance, price and safety, Li said, telling the press corps that Chinese experts have already conducted geological surveys along the route on which the railway line is expected to be built.

"We're able to build railway in Thailand and participate in projects of high-speed railway connected to regional networks," Li said.

This would be a landmark project for Chinese enterprises doing business abroad, Li said, adding China has fully considered the real conditions of Thailand in order to achieve mutual benefit.

China and Vietnam, the third and last leg of Li's trip, also reached important consensus, recognizing the significance of safeguarding and consolidating traditional friendship, safeguarding peace and tranquility of the South China Sea, and properly handling their differences.

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