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Traffic to resume in Tibet quake zone

Updated: 2013-08-14 16:05
( Xinhua)

Qamdo, Tibet - Traffic is expected to resume in a quake zone in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, as rescuers have cleared most of the roads that were affected by a quake on Monday.

A 6.1-magnitude quake jolted the border of Zogang and Markam counties in Qamdo prefecture on Monday, injuring 87 people.

"With the roads cleared, relief supplies can be delivered to those in need," said Wei Huakui, deputy engineer-in-chief of the armed police team responsible for clearing the roads.

More than 100 km of roads linking villages in Ringo, a mountainous town located at the epicenter of a quake, were damaged, affecting more than 3,400 villagers, according to Wei.

The 66-person team has cleared 90 km of roads so far.

"Another 13 km of roads leading to the village of Mainza have yet to be cleared, although we expect to finish clearing them by Thursday," Wei said.

The earthquake damaged 45,000 houses, as well as multiple highways, bridges and some water conservancy facilities.

Subsidies have been offered to quake victims who had to be relocated in the wake of the disaster. Each resident will receive a daily subsidy of 10 yuan (about $1.6) for the next year.

Some 17,000 yuan has been offered to each family whose home was destroyed or severely damaged in the quake. Families whose homes were not as badly damaged may receive 3,000 yuan, according to the regional civil affairs department.

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