Cancer survivor serves CPC grassroots

Updated: 2012-11-13 09:32
Cancer survivor serves CPC grassroots

Wen Jianming, CPC delegate and secretary of the Party Committee in Chengnan Township, Sichuan Province, speaks at the 18th National Congress meeting in Beijing, Nov 12. [Photo/Xinhua]

For the average individual, overcoming cancer can be the trial of a lifetime. But for Wen Jianming, secretary of the Party Committee at Chengnan Township in Sichuan Province, who was diagnosed with liver cancer in October of 2005, the life-threatening illness only reaffirmed the leader’s resolve to help those around him as he has been doing for more than 31 years. Despite undergoing 27 operations since receiving his diagnosis, Wen has managed to remain in his position and shown such strong leadership that he has earned the nickname “our role model” from the people in his township. He says his roots will always remain in Chengnan Township. Serving as a delegate to the 18th National Congress of the CPC, Wen vowed to always see to the people’s needs first as he spoke with other delegates from Sichuan province during a group discussion. He went on to pledge to carry the Party’s banner and contribute to a well-off and harmonious society.


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