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NGO issues reports on US, Japan military

Updated: 2012-06-27 09:57
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - A Chinese non-governmental organization on Tuesday issued two reports on the military power of the United States and Japan, respectively.

The two reports are in response to the irresponsible remarks on China's military affairs in the U.S. Defense Department's annual reports to Congress on China's military strength as well as the Japanese defense white papers, said Luo Yuan, executive vice president of the China Strategic Culture Promotion Association, at a press conference.

The report on the U.S. military said that the United States remains the world's biggest military power and warned China to keep on alert against the U.S. strategy to "return to Asia" and possible attempts to intervene in the South China Sea issue.

The report on Japanese military strength said the Japanese Self-Defense Force is a medium-scaled and well-funded regular army with advanced armaments and technologies.

The report noted that the Japanese armed forces have intensified their efforts to contain and guard against China.

However, the two reports also urged more military dialogues between China and the two countries.

Luo stressed that the two reports are "non-governmental" and "non-confidential" as all the information in them are collected from open online sources, documents and media reports, and the association's research team takes full responsibility for the reports.