Cartoon creator visits Chinese fans

Updated: 2011-09-14 13:22

By Yang Guang (

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In his pink "work shirt", Frenchman Talus Taylor is reminiscent of Barbapapa, the internationally successful cartoon character he created with Annette Tison in 1970.

Over the years, Barbapapa, the pink plastic clay-like creature who is able to shift shapes, has been made into picture and comic books in over 30 languages and about 150 episodes of animated cartoon series.

The father of Barbapapa was on his first visit to China in late August and early September, attending book fairs in Shanghai and Beijing, meeting enthusiastic Chinese young readers, and holding conversations with his Chinese counterparts.

Taylor attributed the success of Barbapapa to his close observation and imitation of children.

Ge Bing, writer of the hugely popular Chinese cartoon Blue Mouse and Big Faced Cat, said he was impressed by the simple but unique image of Barbapapa.

"With the theme of family, love and warmth, the Barbapapa series is a perfect combination of imagination and reality," Ge said. "Perhaps this is why it was originally created for children, but turned out to be liked by both children and adults."

According to Tang Ling, Taylor's Chinese editor at Jieli Press, 10 Barbapapa books have been published since its introduction in 2010, and more than one million copies have been sold. Another 12-volume series, with more Chinese elements, is to be published by the end of the year.