Hu visits county to promote ideological campaign

Updated: 2008-11-17 22:59

The village insisted on a Party Member Promise System. All the village cadres and applicants for Party membership are required to make the promise, according to Yang Fengqi, head of the village's Party branch.

Hu called the Party Member Promise System a good way to help Party members and cadres display their exemplary role.

"We must do what we have promised to do by actions," he stressed.

Hu visited a class of the local elementary school and talked with Kang Haifa, a villager whose family spent the 2006 Lunar New Year's eve with the leader at their cave house. Hu encouraged Kang, an agricultural technician, to help villagers with his skills on vegetable planting.

While in Ansai, the leader also visited Longshitou and Fangta villages and a rural hospital in Jianhua Town.

Showing concern for the heath care of rural people, Hu said the recent Third Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee decided to form a three-level medical network in the countryside. He said a health center will be set up and perfected for each town or township.

During his tour, Hu also visited the county government's complaints reception bureau and talked with officials about rural people's concerns. The officials told him that local villagers mainly cared lawsuits, land confiscation, reclamation of cultivated land to forests and contracting rights for farmland.

In meeting with the leader, local officials and villagers informed Hu of current reform of the managerial rights in the tree-planting sector. Now with the new policy, local people are working diligently to manage the forest while protecting the environment and ecology.

Hu urged local people to plant more trees in Ansai as it is located on the Loess Plateau, which is vulnerable to ecological damage.

At the end of his study trip, the top leader hosted a gathering to hear reports by some local officials who pledged to promote economic development by relying on science and technological progress.

In a key-note speech, Hu called for deepening awareness of the ideological drive, correctly understanding the general demands of the Party Central Committee and further promoting the implementation of the Scientific Concept of Development.

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