China's Action Plan on IPR Protection 2006

Updated: 2007-04-24 08:38

VI. Plans on international exchange and cooperation

(I) To enhance international exchange and cooperation in legislation

1. A trip to Europe in January to study the European legal system for patent agency.

2. A trip to Europe in March to study the system of copyright protection on the Internet.

(II) To enhance the international exchange and cooperation in trademark protection

1. To maintain and strengthen the two-way exchanges, brainstorming, eye-opening endeavours with the trademark authorities of the countries and regions that have frequent exchanges with China, enhance the collaboration with them, and promote bilateral trade and investment.

2. To maintain and strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with international organisations including WIPO and WTO, actively participate in international trademark legal affairs including the negotiations on geographic indication protection and revision of the Trademark Law Treaty, and try to set out new international rules on trademark protection.

3. To understand the needs of overseas Chinese enterprises for trademark protection, and coordinate and protect trademark interests of Chinese enterprises in foreign countries in dealings with foreign countries.

(III) To enhance the international exchange and cooperation in copyright protection

1. To hold on a regular basis joint-conference of Sino-US motion picture copyright protection coordination mechanism, sum up the experience of the Sino-US motion picture copyright protection coordination mechanism, enhance the communication and understanding between China and the US, and continue the discussion about effective models for the strengthening of international IPR co-operation.

2. To continue the exchange and cooperation with international organisations such as WIPO, WTO, UNESCO and APEC in the sphere of copyright protection, actively participate in the multilateral negotiations and international conferences on the formulation of new international copyright rules.

3. To launch and develop proactively the cooperative relations in copyright protection with developing countries, especially Asian countries, and strive to change the international copyright protection regime that does not favour developing countries.

4. To enhance the cooperation with copyright-related industry organisations in foreign countries, jointly crack down on cross-border online infringement and piracy activities. To collaborate with foreign industry organisations such as the MPA and IFPI of the United States, and enhance the co-operation in the fields of information sharing, technical services, training, etc.

5. To invite international organisations to visit China and show them the China's achievements of IPR protection. To further strengthen the communication and exchanges with foreign IP right holders organisations, such as the IIPA.

(IV) To enhance the international exchange and co-operation in patent protection

1.To organise summit meetings between Chinese and American IPR authorities. Invited by the US Patent & Trademark Office, Commissioner Tian Lipu will go to the US for a meeting between the two commissioners.

2. To organise presentation meeting on China's IPR protection regime in Singapore, explaining mainly the IPR protection system of China in a bid to promote Sino-Singaporean trade and economic relations.

3. To organise a WIPO-SIPO circuit PCT seminar across the country in three cities in a period of 2 weeks.

4. To jointly organise with the US Patent & Trademark Office a Sino-US IPR seminar to discuss the protection of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, as requested by the US side.

5. To organise an international seminar on genetic resource, traditional knowledge and folklore for the Asia-Pacific region.

6. To dispatch visiting scholars to the US Patent & Trademark Office for training.

7. To dispatch people to the John Marshall Law School, the Franklin Pierce Law Centre, and the Law School of the University of Washington to study.

8. To organise symposium to solicit opinions on the revision of the Patent Law. To invite representatives of foreign embassies and consulates to attend the symposium where their opinions and recommendations on the third revision of the patent law will be learned.

(V) To enhance the international exchange and cooperation in customs IPR protection

To initiate the cooperation mechanism with the US Customs Service regarding the "exchange of information and intelligence of IPR cases" under the framework of the JCCT.


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