China's Action Plan on IPR Protection 2006

Updated: 2007-04-24 08:38

IV. Advocacy Plans

(I). Large-scale advocacy initiatives

1. A China IPR Protection Achievements Show will be staged on 16-23 April at the China Military Museum in Beijing.

2. An IPR Protection Week (20-26 April) will be launched in association with relevant authorities.

3. Foreign journalists will be invited to report on China's IPR protection efforts.

4. The Ministry of Public Security will introduce two large-scale advocacy initiatives in April and August respectively by holding press conferences and destroying pirated publications and infringing commodities.

5. The 8th Audio-Visual Products Market Legal Advocacy Campaign will be carried out nationwide in late April.

6. Central-level media groups will be led to different localities and enterprises to report on enterprises that have developed through proprietary intellectual property rights and typical IPR protection cases.

7. Researches and interviews will be conducted on IPR related hot topics and key issues to raise public awareness and look for effective solutions. Priority areas will include non-service invention-creation, patent-to-technology transformation and the IPR protection awareness of the younger generation.

8. Besides the CCTV Innovation Award, more activities are being attempted to encourage innovation and magnify the influence of the IPR protection regime.

(II). Press conferences

1. The "Ten Typical IPR Protection Cases of 2005",

2. China's latest progress in IPR protection,

3. A press conference by the State Council Information
Office on April 20 to release the White Paper on China's IPR Protection

(III). IPR-specific TV Programming

1. DVD programs featuring IPR protection will be produced, and illustrated books on IPR protection and pamphlets on IPR protection know-how will be published. All these materials will be issued directly in a focused way to ensure the continuity of the advocating effects.

2. Comprehensive reviews will be conducted on initiatives for educating middle-school students on IPR protection. "Copyright and Me", a TV program, will be in production with the CCTV Children's Program Unit.

3. Projects winning the "China Gold Patent Award" will be promoted to create an innovation-friendly environment.

4. Around April 1, central and local TV stations will be showing songs and TV programs on IPR protection to give more publicity to the function of the IPR system and to raise the social status of IPR.

5. TV series on typical IPR cases will be produced and played on TV stations nationwide.

6. The nomination and voting for the 3rd Female Inventor Award will continue. The award-giving ceremony will be held during the IPR Week. Advocacy initiatives will be boosted by promoting typical cases and mobilizing society-wide innovation activities

(IV). To publish books and print brochures

1. To print brochures on IPR protection at exhibitions and fairs and cooperate with related media (International Business Daily) and promote IPR Protection Measures at Exhibitions and Fairs.

2. To establish a special column on IPR protection in the magazine of China Customs and compile publications including Guidelines for Customs IPR Protection.

3. To publish IPR educating books for large and medium sized state-owned enterprises.

4. To publish a series of books on IPR for young people in the form of cartoon.

5. To publish a grand picture book introducing activities under "Protecting IPR: We Are in Action 2005" and typical examples of independent innovation in China.

(V). To strengthen promotion through websites

1. To launch the website of "China IPR Protection" in both Chinese and English versions.

2. To ensure a good effect of the English and Chinese columns at the website of the General Administration of Customs.

3. To fully utilize the website of China Trademark to engage in on-line promotion, enrich the website continuously and build China Trademark into an important communication platform between the Trademark Office and the general public from home and abroad.

4. To initiate special columns and topics on IPR at governmental websites and relating media.

(VI). To hold forums, symposiums and seminars

1. To hold and publicize the China International Cooperation Forum on Exhibition.

2. To hold the High-level Forum on IPR Protection on April 26.

3. To hold the China Academic Seminar on IPR protection 2006 in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Area in late March in Beijing.

4. To hold the China IPR and Innovation Development Forum 2006 during the IPR Week.

5. To hold the High-level Forum on IPR in Information Industry to conduct study and communication on the prominent IPR problems in IT development, with a view to improving the awareness and capacity of enterprises in IPR administration.

6. To hold the China Forum on IPR Criminal Protection 2006 in April in Shanghai, and invite the participation by US and European governments and companies and key Chinese enterprises.

7. To hold the International Forum on IPR protection at Exhibitions and Fairs so as to discuss experience and suggestions concerning IPR protection with relevant countries.

8. To hold four communication meetings with foreign invested enterprises, with the participation of economic and trade staff from foreign embassies and foreign chambers of commerce in China.

(VII). Others

1. To compile and publicize typical domestic and foreign-related trademark infringement cases on a regular basis.

2. To launch copyright protection columns on TV or in newspapers, or to educate widely on copyright protection through seminars and lectures.

3. To fix the first open day of SIPO on April 26, when the general public and staff from foreign embassies in China will be invited to visit the patent review and approval procedures and various service facilities and hear introduction on the role of China's IPR regime and the effects of IPR protection.

4. To widely promote the revised Guidelines on Patent Review across the country and further spread legal knowledge on patents.V. Plans on training and education.


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