China's Action Plan on IPR Protection 2006

Updated: 2007-04-24 08:38

V. Plans on training and education

(I). To implement the Project of Fostering IPR Talents

The Project of Fostering IPR Talents will be launched in the IPR system throughout the country. In the 11th five-year plan, a team will be trained consisting of several hundreds of high-level talented people proficient at IPR international rules, several thousand of people engaged in patent management, review and administrative law enforcement, and tens of thousands of high-quality people working on IPR in enterprises, public institutions and patent intermediary agencies.

(II). IPR training for leading officials

1. To hold a "Training Program for Executives and Leading IPR Managers from Key Domestic Enterprises".

2. To hold a "IPR Training Program for Leaders and Staff from Local Offices of Rectification and Standardization of Market Order or Office on IPR Protection in May.

3. To hold a "Training Program on IPR Strategy for leaders at the Director-General level".

4. To hold a "Training Program on IPR Education in Institutions of Higher Education".

5. To hold a "Training Program for IPR Teachers of SIPO".

6. To hold a "Special Training Program for Commissioners of SIPO".

7. Public security delegations on IPR protection will be organized to visit the US and Europe for acquiring information of foreign legal systems and law enforcement mechanisms, learning the advanced practice and experience of foreign law enforcement organs in using strategies and intelligence to fight against IPR infringing crimes.

(III). Training of law enforcement team

1. Three sessions of IPR training course will be organized with Germany for administrative law enforcement staff.

2. To hold seminars for local public security leading officials.

3. To hold training classes for grass-root police, improve the law enforcement ability and level through three aspects of law, IPR knowledge and enforcement tactics, and foster gradually a group of professionals.

4. To hold training and communication courses on IPR law enforcement.

5. To hold training courses on enforcement of IPR infringing cases among public security authorities.

6. To hold two sessions of training course on IPR protection at exhibitions and fairs for relevant domestic enterprises.

7. To hold training program for domestic and foreign small and medium sized enterprises on IPR protection at exhibitions and fairs.

8. Two sessions of training course will be held for administrative law enforcement staff in the cultural market, with the grass-root staff as the priority, to further improve the ability and skill of the law enforcement workforce to distinguish and monitor pirated audio-video products and illegal online games.

9. To enhance the IPR law enforcement training for front-line officials, especially on-the-spot personnel in charge of control on goods and postal items.

10. To proactively conduct professional training on trademark law enforcement, and subjects in relation with the transfer of trademark-related crimes and the handling of the conflicts between trademarks and the names of the enterprises, in a bid to improve the professional quality of trademark administrative enforcement personnel.

11. To reinforce the trainees' understanding of the importance of the IPR protection, enable them to understand more clearly the severity of situations at home and abroad and enhance their IPR protection awareness in the process when the State Food and Drug Administration is training its civil servants, personnel working for its subordinate institutions and certified pharmacists.

12. To organise for the backbone officials working for the departments in the system of the SIPO three sessions of training programs designed for advanced IPR managers and legal personnel.

13. To organise nationwide training program on patent administrative enforcement in a bid to launch in greater depth the training for patent-related law enforcement personnel.

14. To organise one to two sessions of training programs for IPR-specialised judges.

(IV). Basic education
To promote the "introduction of IPR education into communities, schools and enterprises".


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