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All-new BMW 7 Series heralds new age

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-10-26 14:09 Comments

All-new BMW 7 Series heralds new age

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn] 

The lightweight Carbon Core lowers the vehicle's center of gravity, increasing its torsional rigidity allowing its maneuver with exceptional quietness. Thanks to the lightweight structure, the BMW 7's weight is less than the previous model by up to 130 kg.

The new 7 Series is the first BMW car to respond to hand gestures. It features wireless inductive charging for mobile phones and a removable seven-inch tablet to control information and entertainment functions.

BMW expects the new 7 Series to set a new benchmark for a luxurious driving experience, offering more interior ambience and innovative functionality.

The new 7 Series was developed for innovators who understand the meaning of success, forethought and vision. The model's innovative design starts from the lighting system. The smart laser light is, for the first time, equipped in the segment. The Welcome Light Carpet was invented to create reverence and bring a ceremonial enjoyment to the experience of getting in and out of the vehicle.

The luxurious experience of sitting in the rear seat also gives the new 7 Series its charm. The maximized comfort is from the newly designed separated Captain Chair offers gentle surroundings. The rear Touch Command handover gives control to the rear passengers who can adjust their seats and entertaining functions using simple touch function. When turning on the Ambient Air Package, the designer-selected eight fragrances help to massage a passenger's mood.

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