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Australians positive of Chinese investment

Updated: 2013-11-08 11:18
By Wang Hui ( China Daily)

General public believes trade with China protects economy, poll finds

A survey by consultancy Kreab Gavin Anderson finds that the Australian general public has very positive perceptions of trade relations with China and strongly believes that Chinese companies should be treated like any other foreign investors.

Australians view China as their country's No 1 trade and economic partner, and they believe that trade with China insulated them from the global financial crisis.

"Australians are comfortable with the idea that their economic future is tied to growth in Asia, particularly with China," said Michael Morgan, head of KGA Australia's Asian practice group and co-author of the report.

Nearly 70 percent of the respondents supported Chinese investors taking profitable minority interests in Australian companies.

"From our perspective, the KGA research was very encouraging, as it showed Australian people to be far more positive about Chinese [foreign direct investment], and the Sino-Australian trade relationship in general, than many may have thought," said Ross Bundey, chief executive officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.

Australia has ranked first among the destinations for Chinese overseas investment in recent years.

However, its differentiated treatment of Chinese investors, and its decision to ban Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from tendering for contracts in Australia's broadband rollout over security concerns, have occasionally dampened the enthusiasm of Australia-bound Chinese investors.

"Australia should treat Chinese investors as equal to any other foreign investors. As bilateral trade ties have been proceeding smoothly in recent years, deepening cooperation in trade and investment is a win-win strategy to both sides," said Jin Baisong, deputy director of the Department of Chinese Trade and Studies at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.

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