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A tale of two Asian nations

Updated: 2012-08-06 09:43
By Tuo Yannan in Bangalore, India ( China Daily)

China, as the largest market for Dell outside the United States, contributes about 10 percent of Dell's global sales now, while India contributes about 2 percent and is in the No 10 slot, according to Amit Midha, president of Dell Asia-Pacific and Japan, chairman of Dell global emerging markets.

At Dell's Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network event which was held in New Delhi from June 17 to 19 this year, he mentioned that although the investment Dell puts into the Chinese market is more than it puts into the Indian market, it employs three times more people in India than in China. That is because the employees not only service the Indian market but also the US market.

Currently the company has 27,000 employees in India and can cover 88 percent of the nation with sales and delivery.

HCL, the largest local PC maker in the Indian market, has never entered the Chinese market.


India has been one of the fastest growth trade partners with China in the last few years. In 2011, bilateral trade between China and India reached $78.9 billion in infrastructure, finance and technology, said Peng Gang, commercial counsellor of China's embassy in India.

As a consequence of the global financial crisis, exports of both countries have encountered difficulties, causing GDP growth to slip.

India's GDP growth was 5.3 percent in the first quarter of this year, the lowest in the past 10 years, as was China.

The common point between the two economies is that they have a huge domestic demand. Peng said that the Indian government has enforced many policies and rules to boost domestic demand.

However, compared with China, India's economy doesn't depend on exports that much.


IDC data shows that because India's official languages are Hindi and English, in the past 10 years India IT services have made rapid progress.

"Service outsourcing is the most impressive industry in India worldwide," Wang said.

He mentioned that India IT services and software were almost double the size of China's. Spending on operations management software is higher in India, with China measuring 59.2 percent of India's output in 2011.

A tale of two Asian nations

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