Mercedes-Benz ready with range of premieres

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Updated: 2010-04-22 10:17
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Style and safety

Effortlessly reinterpreting the concept of fascination and responsibility, the F 800 Style is sure to awe and inspire during its Asia premiere at Auto China.

With the perfect combination of leading green technology with excellent exterior design, the five-seat concept vehicle F 800 Style marks a milestone for Mercedes-Benz in achieving its vision of zero-emission mobility.

Mercedes-Benz has always been dedicated to reconciling responsibility for the environment with luxury. The new F 800 Style not only achieves this, but also provides traditional Mercedes strengths in design, safety, comfort, and performance.

Expertly blending power and fuel efficiency, the F 800 Style demonstrates the future of eco-friendly technology that never compromises luxury or performance.

Using an all-new flexible multi-drive platform, this model can operate as a plug-in hybrid vehicle or run on fuel cells - a feat no other large saloon can boast.

As a plug-in hybrid, the F 800 Style consumes only 2.9 liters of fuel per 100km, which means its CO2 emissions are a mere 68 grams per kilometer. Moreover, while powered by fuel cells, its only emissions are water vapor.

Remarkably, the F 800 Style is able to maintain this environmental consciousness while reaching a top speed of 250km/h and accelerating from zero to 100km/h in a mere 4.8 seconds - a performance comparable to a sports car.

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Beyond all these features, the F 800 Style also dazzles in its design, created in close cooperation with the advanced design studios in Germany and Italy. Its exterior is marked by a long wheelbase, short body overhangs, and a sensually flowing roof line - giving the entire vehicle a sculptural character.

It is with this blend of superior performance, eco-friendly technology, and of course luxurious style that Mercedes-Benz sets the standard for the future of the automobile industry.

Beyond this unforgettable debut, another premiere that is set to leave Auto China visitors breathless is a new model that looks into the fascinating future of Mercedes-Benz technology - a future that looks bright indeed.