Mercedes-Benz ready with range of premieres

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-04-22 10:17
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Having already graced Detroit with its widely celebrated world premiere, the eagerly anticipated Asia debut of the new E-Class Cabriolet will be realized tomorrow. With its trademark motto of "Four seasons, four people," this model will bring its superior comfort, stunning elegance and year-round usability to this exciting market.

With this vehicle, Mercedes-Benz will again prove its leadership in cutting-edge technology with the world's first AIRCAP automatic draught-stop, which allows the driver and passengers to reduce turbulence and interior noise level with the touch of a button. Another advanced feature that makes open-top driving a highly pleasurable experience year-round is the upgraded AIRSCARF neck-level heating system allowing the driver and front passenger to enjoy warm necks regardless of their size.

Moreover, thanks to its acoustic fabric soft top as standard, the E-Class Cabriolet offers one of the most peaceful interiors of its segment. The soft top's exceptionally high-quality insulation absorbs and reduces external noise, allowing for an extraordinarily quiet drive.

Fully-equipped with eco-friendly BlueEfficiency technology, this new model also enjoys fuel efficiency without compromising outstanding power.

Mercedes-Benz ready with range of premieres

C-Class Estate will debut in China on Friday. [Provided to China Daily]

Another vehicle prepared to shine at Auto China will be the new C-Class Estate, which will witness its China premiere - this model positions Mercedes-Benz as the first automaker to introduce a luxury station wagon to the country.

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Already enjoying enormous popularity and success in Europe, this streamlined and sporty station wagon will allow Chinese customers to enjoy the versatility of an SUV while retaining the sleek look of a sedan.

Combined with impressive spaciousness, allowing it to hold a maximum of 1500 liters and thus giving it a larger load capacity than any other premium-class estate in its market segment, the C-Class Estate is shaping into an exclusive and novel luxury vehicle sure to fascinate China.

Furthermore, this model maximizes fuel efficiency while at the same time boosting performance, as the new C-Class consumes 12% less petrol than its previous generation without compromising the powerful drive delivery.