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Spit it out

By Zhang Feng (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-01-26 13:23
One letter, many Olympic dreams

"We need more volunteers to supervise society in every corner of the city," he said.

The key to broader success, Wang believes, is raising public awareness.

In December last year he wrote an open letter to the Beijing Evening News calling on Beijingers to change the environmental image of city.

In the letter, titled "What Beijingers should do for their own environment", Wang listed 10 impolite actions that are frequent in the city, including queue jumping, shouting in restaurants and spitting.

His letter caused a big reaction among readers, and the Municipal Government of Beijing took notice of his efforts.

They invited him to make a speech at the opening ceremony of a citywide campaign to choose the 10 cleanest streets, bus stations, communities and other sites through public appraisal.

At the ceremony, held late December, Wang called on residents to supervise the environment around them and take an active part in the voting.

The selection of the top sites will be finished a couple of months before the Olympic Games opens.

But after his big speech, Wang had other things to worry about.

"I don't get any financial support from the government or other institutes," he said, noting he even has to buy his own tissues.

"I really need financial aid, new ideas and support to promote my campaign," Wang said.

Wang's tips on how to stop spitting

Recruit more volunteers to give lectures in universities, middle and primary schools to educate students.

Call on parents to take their kids to the streets to persuade people to stop spitting and littering.

Establish a joint program with taxi companies to promote good taxi habits

Communicate with bus attendants and discuss how to effectively persuade people to give up bad habits.

Distribute cards with information on sanitary behavior among migrant workers at construction sites and railway stations.

Set up pilot "spitting-free communities" and spread them through the city.

Carry out a series of environmental protection events to encourage people to recycle and use public transportation.

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