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Zhu Dan: Helping others is a great virtue

Updated: 2007-01-22 15:19

Zhu Dan.
"I think being a volunteer is helping others. I like to help others, so I also like to be a volunteer." Zhu Dan, a senior undergraduate at Beijing Sport University, expressed willingness to become a volunteer this way.

Zhu was amongst the volunteers for the International Softball Federation (ISF) XI Women's Fast Pitch World Championship, which was held at the Fengtai Softball Field in Beijing.

"From my childhood, I was taught to be tolerant and virtuous. And I think helping others is just part of it." She said.

During the game, Zhu came down with a cold, yet she still kept on working. She explained, "Before the game, we had a long-time training session. If I did not come to work, who was going to do my work? How anxious would those journalists waiting for my flash quotes and reviews be?"

She said through daily interviews and reports, she learnt to be stronger and more patient, gained knowledge about interviews related to softball, and learnt how to become a better journalist.

She had already applied to the volunteer program for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. "The softball championship is after all not the Olympics," she said, "and I want to become an outstanding Olympic volunteer."