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Peng Liyuan won hearts inside and outside of China

[2015-09-29 06:36]

For someone who has been in the spotlight much longer than her tenure as first lady, Peng's ability to make an English-language speech just adds another sparkle to her.

China-US tourism gets boost from both sides

[2015-09-28 13:21]

When Chinese travelled abroad in the 1980s and 1990s, they were often asked by locals if they were Japanese or Korean or Singaporean. And for many, it was not a particularly pleasant feeling.

Summit much scrutinized by international media

[2015-09-26 14:11]

Hundreds of international journalists covered the summit between President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama on Friday at the White House, and many of them described the meeting as an open and momentous talk for building a peaceful, stable and prosperous world.

Chinese overseas students proud of Xi and Peng

[2015-09-26 14:10]

Thousands of people wearing red T-shirts showed up at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel and outside the White House in Washington on Thursday and Friday to greet Chinese President Xi Jinping and first lady Peng Liyuan.

A ceremony that excites, encourages and entices

[2015-09-26 14:10]

Naureen Singh never knew her internship this summer would lead to meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi's trip so far: A tale of two Washingtons

[2015-09-25 11:29]

After spending two days in the northwest state of Washington, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Washington, DC, on Thursday afternoon for a two-day state visit.

City basks in spotlight despite its low profile

[2015-09-25 07:42]

There is something in the air in the Emerald City. It could be the golden glow as leaves turn from green to yellow or red. It could be the sunshine that dispels days of overcast skies and reveals the magnificent 4,392-meter Mount Rainier on the horizon, which, to a first-time Chinese visitor, looks a bit surreal, as if Shanghai and Lhasa, in the Tibet autonomous region, were squeezed into a distance of a mere 87 km.

Internet cooperation called for when surfing a Web of uncertainty

[2015-09-24 11:37]

It is the same case with China and the US in terms of developing Internet industries and enhancing cybersecurity. The two countries have to put aside conflicts and differences and seek common ground.

Seattle fills with excitement for President Xi's visit

[2015-09-22 10:16]

It seems that the air in the Emerald City is filled with excitement, curiosity and hospitality for the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, which officially starts Tuesday.

China, US still facing uphill battles in fighting corruption

[2015-09-21 05:48]

Corruption has long been a top concern among the Chinese, which may well explain why the strong anti-corruption campaign led by President Xi Jinping is gaining growing support among the people.

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