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Flushing-to-Far West Side-subway extension seen as NY economic driver

[2015-09-17 11:36]

The Far West Side extension of the New York subway system's No. 7 line could become an economic bonanza for people who live along the line, including its eastern terminus in Flushing, Queens.

Art show from legendary school joins commemorative chorus

[2015-09-15 06:27]

In the global wave of commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, a fabled art school in China has joined the international chorus by helping to tell stories about how Chinese people made great contributions and sacrificed on Asia Pacific battlefields.

China, US gradually move to manage cyber dispute

[2015-09-14 05:09]

While cybersecurity has been a thorny issue between China and the United States in the last few years, there are signs in the past days that both sides do not want it to spill into the overall bilateral relationship and impact negatively on the upcoming state visit to the US by President Xi Jinping.

Los Angeles still a top destination for tourists even as China's economy slows

[2015-09-10 13:33]

For the 200 or so tourism industry representatives gathering in Los Angeles this week, a slower Chinese economy and lower yuan are not on their minds.

WWII heroes on the diplomatic front got raw deal back home

[2015-09-09 12:22]

Two Chinese-born Americans, unsung heroes both, deserve a salute on the anniversary of the end of World War II. Both advocated early on that the US establish ties with Mao Zedong's Communists and both paid a price for it.

Summit can clarify issues: ex-envoy

[2015-09-09 16:25]

The summit between President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama gives them a chance to clear the air on important issues haunting the bilateral relationship, according to a former US ambassador to China.

Cashing in on Facebook perks goes way too far

[2015-09-08 04:19]

The Mecca of new ideas in the eyes of many innovators, Silicon Valley has drawn entrepreneurs from all over who dream of shaking the world up. Some succeed — such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin with Google; Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook; Steve Jobs and Apple.

More Chinese satisfied despite economic slowdown

[2015-09-07 05:30]

News about a Chinese economic slowdown has been all over the place in the past two years, especially in the last few weeks, with the stock and currency markets tumbling.

15 US cities make world's 'least friendly' list while China places 3

[2015-09-03 23:59]

The Internet is bursting with best and worst lists, and some websites exist mainly for that click-driven reason. It's also not uncommon for a college or a city to end up on both good and bad lists, depending on the year.

Comfort Women play brings dark chapter of history to life

[2015-09-01 09:50]

Efforts from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and the US to help victims and their families seek an official apology and compensation from the Japanese government for their crimes and atrocities against civilians during World War II seem to be not only unflinching but gaining momentum.