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South-South cooperation features equality, win-win cooperation: Xi


Updated: 2015-09-27 14:30:14


UNITED NATIONS - South-South cooperation is characterized by equality, win-win cooperation and solidarity, Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Saturday.

Xi summarized the features of South-South cooperation at a special roundtable co-organized by China and the United Nations and presided over by the Chinese head of state.

Politically, developing countries adhere to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and basic international norms, and stick to the principle that all countries, big or small, are equal, he noted.

They do not interfere with each other's internal affairs and they respect each other's choices of development paths and social systems, added the Chinese president.

Economically, developing countries respect other countries' will, Xi said, adding that they neither take advantage of other countries' precarious situations nor attach any political strings to trade and economic exchanges.

South-South cooperation is also defined by mutual benefit, as developing countries consider both justice and interests and prioritize justice over interests in their cooperation with each other, Xi said.

They see the development of other countries as opportunities, and they do not pursue maximum economic returns or follow the mindset of zero-sum games, he added.

Developing countries, Xi said, combine their complementary advantages and join hands to explore the global market and integrate themselves into the global value chain, so as to secure a favorable position in the new round of scientific and technological revolution.

Moreover, South-South cooperation features solidarity and mutual assistance, Xi said, noting that developing countries communicate and coordinate with each other through such mechanisms as the Non-Aligned Movement and the Group of 77.

They safeguard international fairness and justice, defend their legitimate interests, and have grown into an important force in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development, he added.

The developing world, Xi said, also attends to the special needs of the least developed countries, landlocked countries and small island developing countries, provides them with aid, and helps them improve their self-development capabilities.

Xi is in New York for his first appearance at the UN headquarters after concluding his first state visit to the United States. Earlier Saturday, he addressed the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit and called for an equitable, open, all-round and innovation-driven path of world development.