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BRICS should speak as one: Wang Yi

[2015-09-30 13:45]

The BRICS countries need to enhance communication and speak uniformly on international affairs, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a speech at a foreign ministers meeting of the BRICS countries at UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday.

'Scraps' Offered at UN to Entertain Heads of State

[2015-09-29 16:00]

A novel lunch made of food scraps was offered to the heads of state during a luncheon at the UN Headquarters in New York this Sunday.

A major player for peace

[2015-09-29 12:44]

From South Sudan to Liberia to Lebanon, Chinese personnel have been heavily involved in peacekeeping efforts for the past 25 years, honoring China's commitment to world peace, and winning applause and raising expectations in the process.

Xi says China-Iran cooperation faces new opportunities

[2015-09-29 09:13]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met Monday with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, and pledged to further boost bilateral cooperation following the conclusion of a comprehensive Iranian nuclear deal.

Beijing, Teheran vow enhanced cooperation

[2015-09-29 08:17]

China and Iran on Monday vowed closer cooperation, after Beijing played a key role in solving the decade-long Iran nuclear issue.

President says China will integrate development with action on climate

[2015-09-29 08:17]

China has fully integrated addressing climate change into the country's overall strategy of economic and social development, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday during a working luncheon on climate change in New York.

Official: 'Chinese women are best judges of their rights'

[2015-09-29 08:17]

A senior official from President Xi Jinping's delegation in the United States said that it was up to the Chinese people, especially women, to judge the development of women's rights in the country.

From the media

[2015-09-29 08:17]

Editor's Note: Global media is casting a spotlight on Xi's speeches made at the United Nation headquarters and praising the world's largest developing country's effort to deal with such issues as poverty, climate change and women's rights.

Millenium development goals report card

[2015-09-29 08:17]

A look at progress China has made in successfully meeting some of the key targets:

China to set up $1b peace fund

[2015-09-29 06:58]

China will establish a $1 billion "China-UN Peace and Development Fund" to support the United Nations' multilateral cooperation and boost world peace.

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