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Summit much scrutinized by international media

By HU YONGQI (China Daily USA)

Updated: 2015-09-26 14:11:32


James Christopher Yu, a KBS news producer in the Washington office, recorded the press conference Xi and Obama held at midday.

Television networks broadcast simultaneous interpretations of Xi's speech. Yu received an English translation of the speech from the White House. Yu and his colleague carefully checked the tape to make sure each sentence interpreted didn't convey misleading messages, in particular on maritime rights.

For Yu and his colleagues, the summit was an opportunity to have frank talks between China and the US. Yu believes that there has been rising distrust and skepticism between the two countries the past few years. Yu repeated several times his impression that China and the US have common goals, but how they can reach those goal remains to be seen.

"From my point of view, China somehow admires the American model to build a stable, peaceful and prosperous nation," but he said there are "differences in history, culture and politics".

Yu said he was pleased to see that China is going to take on global responsibilities, and not just focus on increasing industrial output. In addition, Yu said he endorsed Xi's reiteration for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Maria Garcia, a correspondent with Notimex of Mexico, said the summit generated positive outcomes because the presidents discussed crucial issues. She said Xi should be comfortable talking with Americans, and seemed to feel welcomed by American politicians and at the White House.

Keith Boag, a correspondent with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, said China and the US are the two most important players in the international community. The presidents' commitment on carbon trade and other climate-change issues proves to be real, which is important progress, he said.

"As President Obama said, if we have both the world's two largest emitters take actual actions on emission reduction, that should take away a huge excuse for other countries who might say why should we be bothered with this issue," Boag said.

Yu said he sensed that the US is skeptical of China's policies and vice-versa.

"The summit didn't give details of what China and the US will do, and we will see how China and the US could reach the common goal in the future," Yu said.

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