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Preview to President Xi Jinping's visit to US


Updated: 2015-09-21 14:12:11


BEIJING -- Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to pay his first state visit to the United States on September 22nd. Xi's visit comes at a critical moment as China and the US are facing challenges in their relationship.

Two years after a new type of major-power relationship was called for by the leaders of countries, China and the US have confronted and talked, both in a direct and deepening way.

But challenges remain, including the South China Sea disputes between China and other claimants, as well as the cyber security issue.

Mutual trust is still lacking to a certain extent due to a power relationship change but the gap between China and the US has narrowed.

Being highly interdependent on each other, China and the US can not afford the risk of conflict.

China and the US are inseparable from each other in one of the most complicated relationships in the world. Realistic but constructive, the decisions the two leaders are going to make in their coming meeting will not only shape the future of the bilateral ties but also the future of the world.