Little known piece of Chinese history in Lyon

2014-03-25 17:14

L'Institut Franco-Chinois de Lyon (the Sino-French Institute in Lyon) was located in the Fort Saint-Irénée from 1921 to 1946 hosting 473 Chinese students,, and was the only Chinese university outside China.

Nuclear security: reasons behind the summit

2014-03-20 15:04

With the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 coming up in the Hague, one could wonder what is the importance of nuclear security.

Nuclear Security Summit

2014-03-21 17:09

The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) is a world forum aimed at advocating nuclear security and preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe.

China-German relations

2013-11-14 15:08

German officials once described Sino-German relations as a "special partnership"in the frequent mutual visits of the two heads of government.

China-French relations

2013-11-19 11:26

China-French relations

China-EU relations

2013-11-14 10:32

Development of China-EU relations is not only in the fundamental interests of both sides, but it has increasing strategic and global significance.