Street talk

2014-11-19 17:35

Street talk about impressions of China

Former Australian FM hails new level in Sino-Australian ties

2014-11-19 14:18

The China-Australia free trade agreement will be a major boost for Chinese provincial and Australian state governments in attracting infrastructure investment, according to former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr.

FTA will benefit Asia-Pacific region at large

2014-11-18 10:03

Among agreements reached between China and Australia to deepen bilateral ties, the free trade agreement is a blessing to the two economies and the Asia-Pacific region.

Historic breakthroughs in China-Australia win-win cooperation

2014-11-17 13:59

China and Australia entered a new era of mutually beneficial interaction on Monday as they embraced an epochal, twin upgrade of bilateral cooperation.

A responsible world power

2014-11-17 07:44

Joint efforts by as many countries as possible, major powers in particular, are essential to achieve sustainable global economic growth.

Why climate change top G20 economic issue: UN expert

2014-11-14 10:00

Climate change is closely linked to economic progress and G20 leaders need to address this important issue during the Brisbane summit, said a leading United Nations environmentalist in a recent interview with Xinhua.

Xi's South Pacific trip to promote regional cooperation

2014-11-13 13:53

In Australia's Brisbane, where the 9th Group of 20 (G20) Summit is to be held on Nov. 15-16, Xi will continue brainstorming with other leaders on ways to promote regional cooperation and achieve higher-level integrated development.