Chinese president arrives in Brisbane for G20 summit

2014-11-14 20:16

President Xi Jinping arrived Brisbane, Australia on Friday to attend this year's Group of 20 Summit slated for Nov 15-16.

China will host summit in 2016

2014-11-17 07:32

President Xi Jinping announced that China will host the G20 summit for the first time in 2016.

Koalas steal the show at G20 in Brisbane

2014-11-17 03:47

Australia’s cutest animal stole much of the limelight at the G20 summit over the weekend in subtropical Brisbane, when the host country launched a behind-the-scenes diplomatic offensive.

Oil reserves to be published regularly

2014-11-17 03:31

China has committed itself to more rigorous international standards by promising to release its oil reserves in a more comprehensive manner.

President Xi stresses China-EU cooperation

2014-11-16 20:30

President Xi Jinping met with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker here Sunday, calling for deepening cooperation between China and the European Union (EU).

Xi proposes reinforcing global economy's anti-risk capacity

2014-11-16 19:30

Chinese President Xi Jinping raised four proposals for strengthening the world economy's anti-risk capacity during the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit here on Sunday.

G20 seeks to enhance global institutions to meet growth goal

2014-11-16 17:37

G20 leaders on Sunday stressed the need to strengthen global institutions to raise global growth and deliver quality jobs.

G20 leaders summit will make better world: Abbott

2014-11-16 17:28

People around the world will be better off as a result of the cooperation and concrete plans delivered at this year's G20 leaders summit, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Sunday.

China to host G20 summit in 2016

2014-11-16 16:23

China will play host to the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in 2016, the 20-member group said here on Sunday.

G20 lays stress on economic resilience, financial stability

2014-11-16 16:01

Strengthening the resilience of the global economy and stability of the financial system are crucial to sustaining growth and development, agreed G20 leaders on Sunday.

Xi backs higher IMF standards

2014-11-15 21:47

China will subscribe to the Special Data Dissemination Standard of the IMF and support the G20 in establishing a global infrastructure center.

G20 sets economic tone, with Ebola, structural reform also on agenda

2014-11-15 21:07

Economic growth, infrastructure investment and stopping tax avoidance by multinationals were the main themes on the first day of the G20 leaders summit in Brisbane on Saturday.

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