Li's charisma wins over British press

2014-06-24 07:30

London's tabloid Daily Mail, which made sport over the allegation that Li had to ask for an invitation to meet the Queen, called him "Premier Twinkle" following his meeting with David Cameron.

Pragmatism, trust advance Sino-European co-op

2014-06-23 21:06

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has ended his visits to Britain and Greece, but wide-ranging cooperation with the two nations and Europe as a whole are set to flourish.

Li makes cultural visits in Greece

2014-06-22 02:00

In a light moment at the end of his European visit, Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday toured two famous sites in Greece — the Palace of Knossos and the Iraklion Archaeological Museum.

Chinese premier concludes visit to Greece

2014-06-22 01:40

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang left here Saturday, wrapping up a three-day visit to Greece that saw the two countries reach a broad consensus on deepening their comprehensive strategic partnership.

Peace at sea China's aim

2014-06-21 00:12

China is committed to resolving maritime disputes with other countries peacefully and does not seek maritime hegemony, Premier Li Keqiang said.

Premier Li hails China-Greece cooperation on PCT project

2014-06-21 04:37

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang applauded on Friday the success of the Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT) project jointly operated by China and Greece, calling it a "pearl" in bilateral cooperation.

China eyes stronger trade, investment ties with Greece

2014-06-21 04:35

China is ready to expand two-way trade and investment with Greece, visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said when meeting with Greek President Karolos Papoulias here on Friday.

Greek media show strong interest in Chinese premier's visit

2014-06-20 13:30

Greek print and electronic media have given extensive coverage to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit, with a strong focus on the future of bilateral cooperation.

Super salesman

2014-06-20 11:18

Securing a large number of business contracts has been a key part of Premier Li Keqiang's overseas trip since his first tour abroad in May 2013.The following is a brief summary of what the marketing expert has tried to sell during one and half year in office.

Port a good example of China deal

2014-06-20 03:14

As China and Europe are taking decisive measures to improve regional economic integration and goods flows, Piraeus Port is on track to become the biggest commercial port in the Mediterranean Sea Basin.

Greek PM salutes 'a game changer'

2014-06-20 02:53

A decision to invest in the port of Piraeus in 2009 was just the start of strategic Chinese involvement aimed at turning Greece into a gateway to Europe.

Chinese premier arrives in Greece for visit

2014-06-19 20:53

Premier Li Keqiang is scheduled to meet with top Greek leaders, including President Karolos Papoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

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