China welcomes Durban outcomes

Updated: 2011-12-11 13:01

By Li Jing and Lan Lan (

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China's top negotiator Xie Zhenhua welcomed the package of outcomes at the two-week Durban climate conference.

The conference made decisions on the arrangement of the second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol, which is the most concerned issue by developing countries, said Xie.

A Green Climate Fund has been established at the conference. And on the basis of the Cancun Agreements, decisions were also made on the implementation of mechanisms for adaptation, technology, capacity building and transparency.

The Durban conference also discussed and decided the process of the arrangement for a post-2020 climate regime. The legal form of such arrangement is described as "agreed outcome with legal force" in the final documents came out from Durban conference.

"The outcome is fully in accordance with the mandate of the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol and the Bali Roadmap, the two-track negotiation process and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities," Xie told a group of journalists after the conference ended on Sunday morning.

However, the outcome at Durban conference did not fully accomplish the negotiations under the Bali Roadmap. Issues such as the timeframe for the second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol is still not decided, and industrialized countries are still scheduled to submit their own carbon emission targets by June in 2012.

Also, a heavy load of work needs to be done on the post 2020 arrangement for a broader climate regime that applicable to all countries.

"What needs to be pointed out is that developed country lacks political wills to reduce emissions and provide finance and technology transfer to support developing country. The lack of political wills is main element that hinders cooperation on addressing climate change in the international community," Xie said.

"We expect political sincerity from developed country next year in Qatar, to achieve the completion of the Kyoto Protocol's second commitment period negotiation, enhanced emission reduction commitment level and implementation of finance and technology transfer commitment," said Xie.