ROK's civic group members visit DPRK

Updated: 2011-08-03 16:40


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SEOUL - Members of the Republic of Korea's (ROK) civic groups visited the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Wednesday to help ensure transparency in distribution of their recent food aid to the impoverished neighbor.

Six ROK people embarked on a rare four-day trip to Sariwon City, North Hwanghae Province, to monitor the distribution process of 300 tons of flour they delivered to the DPRK last week.

Additional aid will follow, according to the civic groups.

ROK had virtually suspended aid to its northern neighbor following two deadly incidents last year that altogether killed 50 ROK people, though the DPRK denies its responsibility or refuses to apologize for any of the incidents.

The rare government approval for food aid was granted on the ground that monitoring assures the aid would reach its intended recipients, the unification ministry, which oversees inter-Korean affairs, has said.

The decision is still in line with the government stance that only humanitarian aid for the most vulnerable is permitted, according to the ministry.

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