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We don't think of E. coli  (left)as a super bug, but strains of this fecal bacteria can cause stomach upsets and serious food poisoning such as in the fatal O157 outbreak in Germany in June. Provided to China Daily

Super bugs

First there is a sniffle somewhere across the room, and in no time everybody around you in the office is sneezing. Half the people crowded onto the subway look like they should be home in bed. At some point, as you stand next to someone having a coughing fit, you might be forgiven for wondering: Is this the start of the next killer virus? It's scarier than any Halloween scenario. While several centuries have passed since the Black Death, a bubonic plague, wiped out about half the population of Europe, more recent super germs have been plenty lethal. SARS, avian flu and H1N1 seemed to have come in quick succession - and made a mockery of the available arsenal of drugs. Despite astonishing advances in modern medicine, mutant strains of viruses and bacteria continue to threaten human lives today.

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China creates legal framework on terrorism

BEIJING - China's legal authorities will release their first formal catalog of terrorists and terror groups in an effort to freeze their assets "in a timely manner", based on the country's existing terrorist laws and previous UN decisions, a legal expert said on Saturday.

Translators are pushing for more literary focus

Book fair strengthens cross-Straits ties

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Sunday Special

Doctor, wash your hands!

One of the main places for the spread of infections is in hospitals. Mike Peters with the anecdotes.

Killing Sprees

Sunday People

Guardian of the relics

Fan Jinshi didn't set out to be the guardian of the treasures of the Silk Road. When she first went to Dunhuang, Gansu province, the petite archeologist never imagined she would spend a year living alone in the forsaken outpost with no running water, no electricity or even a decent toilet.

EU leader reaches out to China youth

World Scene

Sunday Expat

'Fest lover

Sliding into The Hairdressers, an upscale salon in Hong Kong's Central district, Munich native Oliver Brechtselsbauer is nonplussed when I tell him that I needed to snap a few photos.

Doctor finds a home in China, and online

Alice Waters' organic bling

Sunday Image

Recapturing ancient beauty

Photographer Rodrigo Abd takes old-style photography to a traditional culture festival in Guatemala.

Sunday Food

A laird in Shandong

In the late 1600s, a mysterious "Sir James" fled Scotland on a treason charge. He washed up on the Shandong shores, and built a castle overlooking the ports of Yantai and Penglai. Today that castle still stands, complete with Sir James' original four-poster bed and the London taxi in which he first scaled the Qiushan hills all those centuries ago.

Spanish gem in the French Concession

Sunday Style

Eco Chic

Trying to be fashion-forward while at the same time eco-friendly doesn't mean wearing a burlap sack and 10-year-old T-shirts, at least not for the designers behind the Swedish Institute's "Eco Chic - Towards Sino-Swedish Sustainable Swedish Fashion" exhibition, currently in Shanghai. Whether it is shoes that are made by hand and use naturally tanned leather, a coat made from recycled polyester or wool products that are locally and organically sourced, each of the Swedish designers featured in the exhibition demonstrate how even fashionistas can be green. The 20 Swedish outfits shown at the exhibition not only push the envelope in their designs and concepts but also show how those in fashion can be more environmentally and ecologically friendly in the way they make their products.

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Paper vs. Digital

Years ago I attempted to use an electronic diary to organize my life and be more efficient. A friend of mine had a Palm Pilot and loved it. She was a freelance personal trainer and the mom of a toddler. She listed all the benefits - she named many - and that it was all in this handy little electronic device she took everywhere.

Did you really mean that?

Robot sage, ants and monkeys

City guide

Sunday Travel

Leisurely pleasures of Langkawi

It was once a sanctuary for hordes of pirates who would plunder without mercy any ship on the Andaman Sea, but today Langkawi is a luxury hideaway for travelers seeking a natural tropical paradise.

Departure gate

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