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China's Top 5 Airports with Best Services in Q3 2015

The Airport Services Evaluation Report for Q3 2015 is the 13th quarter report evaluating airports' services published by CAPSE. The report is based on a survey on passengers' satisfaction according to their experiences and represents the true feelings of travelers.

Air travelers were surveyed by questionnaires about their experiences at the airports in mainland China during a 3-month period from July to September 2015. The survey measured passenger satisfaction across various key performance indicators of airport services, including airport transportation, airport facilities, airport security, terminal cleanliness, airport shopping, airport staff excellence, ground handling service over flight delays, etc.

The latest survey collected 68,259 questionnaires which covered 531 domestic and overseas airports. To make a more effective analysis, the samples for each airport were not less than 100. CAPSE selected 27 airports -- 23 in mainland China and four international ones -- for evaluation via Variflight app.

Making comparisons in airports' average scores and rankings from Q2 2015, the latest evaluation report allows readers to get a clear and simple view of each airport's improvements and changes. It shows that the overall passenger satisfaction decreased slightly. Owing to long-time waiting at airports caused by tightened security, passengers have a lower satisfaction with airport security.

In the latest evaluation, Singapore Changi Airport (4.21) took the spot on air passengers' satisfaction and Xiamen Gaoqi (3.76) was voted as China's best airport by air travelers, followed by Shanghai Pudong International Airport (3.75).

Top 5 Airports by Passenger Satisfaction in Q3 2015:

1. Singapore Changi Airport

2. Hong Kong International Airport

3. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

4. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Top 5 Airports with Best Services in Mainland China:

1. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

3. Nanjing Lukou International Airport

4. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

5. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport