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The Aviation Service Branch of Shanghai International Airport Co is an aviation ground service enterprise established in January 1993 upon approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The Aviation Service Branch has built a unique and efficient business management system based on modern enterprise systems. It mainly provides international and domestic aviation ground transportation agency services. Relying upon resource advantages from airports in Shanghai, it has shifted from providing functional support to functional benefits. Its agency business and business scale are constantly expanding, and its operating income has become increasingly stable.

It now serves as an agent for 22 domestic and foreign airlines. In terms of flights under its agency, the Aviation Service Branch takes up nearly 34 percent of the international and regional flight agency market for airports in Shanghai. Upholding the philosophy “safety first, utmost service, practical and enterprising, fostering benefits”, the Aviation Service Branch has expanded the international market by relying upon the domestic market. The branch provides services for domestic and foreign airlines and contributes to the economic development of Shanghai. The Aviation Service Branch has repeatedly and successfully completed ground support services for special and chartered planes for Chinese and foreign heads of state. For example, it has built a favorable brand image among domestic and foreign airlines during the 1999 Shanghai Fortune Global Forum, Summit of the Heads of Five Countries, Shanghai Cooperation Organization 2011 and APEC conference.

The Aviation Service Branch has established the following support departments:

1. The Ground Service Department provides airlines with various goods and luggage loading and unloading services, as well as sorting services for luggage with different destinations.

2. The Special Vehicle Support Department provides special vehicle support services for airlines.

3. The Maintenance Department has comprehensive maintenance support equipment, providing maintenance and release services for domestic airlines and maintenance services for foreign airlines.

4. The Production Scheduling Department provides airlines with scheduling and on-site command services during flight support. It is responsible for monitoring operating safety during flight support.

5. The Passenger Transportation Department provides airlines with passenger transportation check-in, passenger guides, boarding, inquiry, load balancing and other services.

6. The Cabin Cleaning Department provides airlines with cabin cleaning services.

7. The Passenger Ticket Department sells passenger tickets for all domestic airlines and some international airlines on an agency basis and deploys air ticket sales outlets in Pudong Airport and urban terminals. It also accepts telephone and online ticket booking.

The Aviation Service Branch now serves as an agent for the following airlines: Air Macau, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, Alitalia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, United Parcel Service, Garuda Indonesia, Goods Air Transportation, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airline, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Austrian Airlines AG, British Airways, Qantas, Polar Air Cargo, El Al Israel Airlines, Air New Zealand, Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, American Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Yangtze River Express Airlines.

Businesses of the Aviation Service Branch mainly include passenger check-in and boarding services for airlines and loading and unloading of goods, parcels and luggage. For other services (e.g., special service application, inquiry about foreign airline flight information, goods inquiry, etc.) please inquire the airlines.