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Airports in Shanghai deal with flight delays

Since the end of July, flights in and out of East China have been delayed due to weather and heavy airspace traffic. To resolve the adverse impact on travel, airports in Shanghai have been strengthening communications with airlines and air traffic control departments, improving situational analysis and on-site control, helping airlines do a good job in related support work after delays, and using media to release information in advance. The efforts have ensured the safe and smooth operation of airports, preventing overcrowding and mass disturbances.

Strengthening of communication and release of information

Airports in Shanghai have been attending daily information communication meetings organized by air traffic departments to understand airspace flow control information as well as information concerning flight dispatch, which has allowed them to provide precise information forecasts to seize interval airspace and dispatch as many flights as possible.

Airports in Shanghai have been giving full play to the role as a one-stop air travel platform, actively communicating with air traffic control departments, airlines and other board members to retrieve relative information in time. They are continuously releasing flow control warnings, dynamic information about airport operations as well as flight delays and cancellations via the official “One-Stop Air Travel – Airports microblog, reminding passengers to pay attention to flight changes and make reasonable travel arrangements. The airports are also interacting with passengers through private messages to reduce anxiety.

In nearly half a month, the micro-blogging platform of “One-Stop Air Travel – Airports in Shanghai” has sent many push notifications regarding delay warnings and reminders for typhoons and traffic. The airports have also provided passengers with information through WeChat’s online flight inquiry function. They have launched a live broadcast and hotline mechanism between airport operations control and the News Center of Radio and Television Shanghai to broadcast dynamic news concerning airport operation.

Strengthening on-site control of terminals

Large-scale flight delays have put great pressure on on-site control of airports. Airports in Shanghai have launched a linked emergency response mechanism regarding the extent of delays and strengthened on-site service and control strength, avoiding overcrowding and maintaining order.

Passengers may have to go through security multiple times due to flight delays, so airports have communicated with airline staff to get first hand information and avoid crowds.

Airports have also launched a combined service force and linkage mechanism according to the real-time situation and adjusted security checkpoints in a reasonable manner.

Strengthening of communication, business, transportation and other service support

To provide services and support to stranded passengers, Pudong and Hongqiao International Airport have introduced many people-oriented services and initiatives to ensure sufficient business and catering services in terminal buildings.

For instance, Hongqiao International Airport has started to provide “authentication without notice” service for Wi-Fi access, which has enhanced the web surfing experience of stranded passengers. Staff in the terminal areas have been providing on-site interactive activities for passengers with kids. Commercial departments of airports have organized summer-themed promotion of delicacies, discounts of well-known brands and other activities, reducing the anxiety and exhaustion of passengers who are delayed.

Large-scale flight delays and cancellations have led to a sharp increase in the number of flights landing at the airports at night. Since subway lines and bus routes are out of service after 11:00pm, transportation for passengers at night has become a difficulty.

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