Nippon Paint China to promote regional economy

Nipsea Group, Asia's leading paint manufacturer and the parent company of Nippon Paint China, topped the list of "Top 25 Paint Manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific" with sales of $3.23 billion this year. more>>

Nippon Paint's coating system offers walls full protection

Nippon Paint China, a subsidiary of NIPSEA Group, has launched a glue-free total coating system. Along with the company's ecological coating products, it aims to provide customers with a cozy home environment. Its total coating system recently shone and gained customers approval at the China Coatings SHOW 2015. more>>

Nippon Paint's CyGLAZ leads the industry future

Led by the R&D team from the parent company Nipsea Group, Nippon Paint developed CyGLAZ® technology successfully in 2012. more>>

Through the efforts of staff volunteers, Nipsea Group hopes to create a better and more colourful society. With the theme "Eco Colour", the Group's CSR initiative aims to add colour to people's lives in an environmentally sustainable way. With operations in 15 countries including China, Singapore and Malaysia, the Group carried out a string of projects in these countries to encourage them to learn from each other and adapt their activities to benefit their society.

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Nippon Paint China initiates 'Color, Way of Love Art+ Project'

200 Nippon Paint China staff take part in 20-km Walking Proud charity walk marathon in Guangzhou

Nipsea Group unveils 'Tend Beyond Colors' 2016/17

Nippon Paint China displays CSR with strong presence in charity walkathon at the Great Wall

Nippon Paint colors Taiwan schools with local Cultural

Nipsea Group committed to bringing joy, colour and love to Asia in the next five years

Nipsea Group spreads love in Vietnam

Nippon Paint China cares for left-behind children, painting villages with love and color