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New area ensures new citizens dwell well

Updated: 2022-03-23

New area ensures new citizens dwell well

The standardized talent apartment unit in Liangjiang is complete with a sofa, a bed, a refrigerator, WIFI and other furniture pieces, saving more time, energy and money for talents. [Photo/]

Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality has redoubled its efforts to provide public rental housing in response to public demand, as accommodation is the top agenda to be addressed for young people who have just stepped into the work force.

Zhang Jin, a firm employee based in Liangjiang, has benefited from the public housing, with his commute time reduced to less than 15 minutes by bus. He used to suffer from high rent and had to move a lot. "What I want most is to have a stable place to live in," said Zhang.

These anxieties have been alleviated by the new public housing, and his wife soon found a job near their new home, resulting in a stable living situation.

Statistics show that the public rental housing endeavor has helped more than 500 enterprises in Liangjiang recruit talent. There are a total of 60,000 public rental housing units in the new area, which is Shuitu, Yufu, and Longxing new cities.

Last year, the State Council released proposals on developing indemnificatory rental housing, and 10 research institutions began operating that same year, making it critical for the new area construct more such houses.

Liangjiang then established nearly 10,000 talent apartment units, which focus more on the living experience compared with traditional public rental housing and are divided into three categories – simplified, comfortable, and high-end – to meet the various accommodation demands of talent coming to the new area.

The new dwellings are helping top talent and other new residents get accustomed to their lives in Chongqing and making them feel more welcome. Last year, the occupancy rate of the talent apartments was 94 percent.


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