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Tencent accelerates cloud computing center construction

Updated: 2017-09-05

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The second construction stage of the Chongqing Tencent Cloud Computing Data Center recently finished, local media reported on Sept 4.

Tencent, one of the largest internet service companies in the world, has invested a total of 3 billion yuan ($457 million) in the Chongqing Cloud Computing Industrial Park in the Liangjiang New Area (LNA) to construct its new cloud computing data center.

The second stage of the project consists of a 25,759-square-meter computer data building. Upon its completion, it will hold 100,000 servers.

Tencent will partner with China Telecom, China Unicom and the Liangjiang Cloud Computing Company. The three companies will lease 28,000 servers to Tencent, including 16,000 servers provided by Liangjiang Cloud Computing Company.

Tencent accelerates cloud computing center construction

Digital design of the Chongqing Tencent Cloud Computing Data Center. [Photo/]

The new data center will accommodate 500 staff members to conduct technology R&D and data storage tasks, according to LNA's construction management center.

Chongqing is now one of 10 first class points in the national communication network framework, which is attractive to cloud computing and big data companies.

Tencent accelerates cloud computing center construction

Tencent speeds up the construction of the cloud computing data center in the Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/]

At present, various different projects including the Pacific Telecom Data Center, China Unicom Western Data Center, China Telecom Western Data Center and Tencent Data Center have been established in Liangjiang International Cloud Computing Industrial Park.

By 2020, the park is expected to host 300,000 servers, with a projected output value of around 15 billion yuan ($2.17 billion) for the local cloud computing and big data industries.

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