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Children get own arts festival Liangjiang

Updated: 2017-03-29

By Sun Hui,

Children at Liangjiang New Area’s Jinshan E-cool Culture and Innovation Zone will be able to experience an arts festival held just for them from March 26.

The month-long children’s art festival runs until April 25, and will feature a vast range of activities, such as photography, painting, and installation exhibitions, as well as staging dramatic arts, food art shows, and a house design competition.

The art festival’s main draw card is its anti-waste art installations which are open free to the public.

Created by youth artist Sun Ke, the installations feature waste materials such as plastic bags, packing paper, and water bottles to create unique sculptures.

Children will get the chance to create their own sculptures with the artist, in a fun activity which a strong environmental message.

Children get own arts festival Liangjiang

Youth artist Sun Ke’s plaster sculptures are made of waste materials and promote a strong environmental message at the E-cool Culture and Innovation Zone’s children’s arts festival, running until April 25. [Photo/]

The anti-waste exhibition forms part of an area at the festival called “FEI City” – fei in Chinese means waste.

Hu Yin, organizer of the installation art exhibition, said “We hope these art works can inspire visitors to think about the relationship between human beings and the environment and raise public awareness.”

Another highlight is the festival’s photography exhibition.

Youth photographer Li Guangbo will exhibit a collaborative project undertaken with the students of Sanquan Hope Primary School in Chongqing’s Nanchuan district.

A total of 44 student portraits taken by Li will be on show, beside 25 paintings created by the students. The unique portraits have been taken at the moment the children were asked what their New Year’s wishes would be.

Children get own arts festival Liangjiang

Visitors admire Li Guangbo’s portraits of the moment children area asked to describe their New Year’s wishes. [Photo/]

Tian Jinli, operations manager of Chongqing Jinshan E-cool Business Management Co, said, “These exhibitions form part of Jinshan E-cool’s efforts to carry out its public education plan. The company will continue to promote art to the public and provide cultural services including public lectures, salons and free art exhibitions.”

The E-cool Culture and Innovation Zone was established in December 2016 to provide a public cultural community and enrich people’s lives. The zone features artworks themed on culture and tourism, and was transformed from old workshops in Liangjiang New Area.

Children get own arts festival Liangjiang

Jinshan E-cool Culture and Innovation Zone was established in 2016 from old workshops in Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/]

Edited by Owen Fishwick



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