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A new film begins filming in Liangjiang

Updated: 2015-03-11

By Ge Jieru,

The filming of a new film to mark 70th anniversary of the victory of China's resistance against the Japanese army began in Liangjiang on March 8, according to the official website of Liangjiang New Area.

The film named Cairo Declaration is expected to be premiered in southwest China's Chongqing on Aug 15.

A new film begins filming in Liangjiang

Delegates and actors attend the opening ceremony of Cairo Declaration [Photo/]

Seventy years ago, China was victorious in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and made a big contribution to world's antifascist conflict.

The story of Cairo Declaration begins with Chinese agents receiving information of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. At the same time of the attacks in Hawaii, Chongqing was under big bombing attacks by the Japanese army and the local residents rose up and resist the attack from Japan.

"Chongqing is a city with rich historical sources and residents from Chongqing had strong determination in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression," said Zhang Hongbin, vice director of the Chongqing Publicity Department, when he talked about the reason of shooting the film in Chongqing.

A new film begins filming in Liangjiang

Famous Chinese actors Han Xue (L) and Hu Jun (R) will play roles in film Cairo Declaration [Photo/].

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