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Introduction of city leaders

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Updated: 2017-02-14

Introduction of city leaders

Mayor: An Wei


Duties: In charge of municipal government operations overall.

An, born in May 1966, is a Han from Zhenping, Henan province. He joined the CPC in May 1988 and began work in June 1991. He has a master's degree in history and a doctorate in economics. An has served as mayor of Sanmenxia since March 2016.


Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Yang Xiao


Responsible for land and resource management, urban planning and management, rural and urban construction, construction of commercial centers, government office administration and forestry maintenance.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Li Lin


Responsible for industry, information, environmental protection, commerce and business, development zone management, industry-agriculture relations, mineral resources integration and petroleum; assist in economical operation, industrial clusters, work union relations and provincial enterprises contacts.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Niu Lanying


Responsible for rural work and agriculture.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Wang Zhenqing


In charge of science and technology, supervisory control, culture and journalism, family planning, safe production, sanitation, food and drug administration, quality control and Taiwan-related work.

Introduction of city leaders

Deputy mayor: Li Qinghong


Responsible for education, ethnic religion, commerce, trade, opening-up policy, sports, tourism, foreign affairs, women and children welfare.

Introduction of city leaders

Secretary-general of Sanmenxia Municipal People's Government: Liu Tingfu


Assistant to the mayor, oversees all municipal government office work.

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