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Party secretary of Lingbao county inspects local key projects

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Updated: 2016-04-15

Party secretary of Sanmenxia's Lingbao county, Qiao Changqing, on April 8 visited Guxian and Yuling towns to inspect the development of several key projects there.

Qiao, along with other officials, inspected a handful of important projects, such as the Xiaoqinling Mine Ecosystem Industrical Park, Wanda Stone Circulation Industrial Park and Jincheng gold melting project.

The Xiaoqinling project involves a system capable of extracting metal from discarded ore and manufacturing building materials such as concrete and bricks from recycled metal. Investment for the project has so far exceeded 1.23 billion yuan ($189.670 million).

Wanda Stone Circulation Industrial Park involves 2.5-billion-yuan-worth of investments and when finished, will cover 800 mu (53.33 hectares). The industrial park is estimated to reach an output value of 1.5 billion yuan and motivate related industries to yield an output totaling 500 million yuan. The project is committed to mining in an environment-friendly way and laying a foundation for the future development of tourism.

Since construction began on the Jincheng gold melting project, a clear plan has been followed which will lead the one billion yuan project to generating annual revenue of up to 9.2 billion yuan. Qiao inspected the construction site of the project as part of his tour and encouraged all departments to work efficiently and scientifically.

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