• Solar-powered trash compactor


    At the 16th China High-Tech Fair in Shenzhen, Huatong Technology, a company headquartered in Zhuhai, will release its new environmentally-friendly trash compactor in the hope of attracting more attention from potential customers.

  • Collision avoidance system


    At the 16th China High-Tech Fair, Xilong Electronic Technology Company in Dongguan, will highlight its Mobile Eye, a smart collision avoidance system that can mitigate and prevent traffic accidents caused by distraction.

  • 3D advertisement player


    An advertisement player with a dazzling 3D holographic display will be launched at the 16th China High-Tech Fair.

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  • Overview of CHTF

    CHTF is the largest and most influential scientific and technological fair in China.

  • How to visit CHTF

    CHTF offers special service to professional visitors. You can apply for registration as a professional visitor on the CHTF website during the valid time.

  • How to get to SZCEC

    SZCEC is only 30 minutes from Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu check point by bus, or 15 minutes by metro.

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