• China Hi-Tech Forum 2015


    The opening of China Hi-Tech Forum 2015 was held at the Bougainvillea Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, on Nov 16.

  • China Hi-Tech Forum


    Being part of CHTF, the China Hi-Tech Forum has won extraordinary reputation by its high-profile speakers as China's most influential platform in the economic and high-tech domains.

  • CHTF 2015 in Belgium


    CHTF 2015 in Belgium

  • CHTF 2015 in Russia


    CHTF 2015 in Russia

  • Super-SUPER Special Events


    "SUPER" stands for service, unique, president, executive and relationship.

  • China International Hi-Tech Intelligent Conference


    China International Hi-Tech Intelligent Conference aims to be "International, Professional, High-end, High Quality and Market-oriented", and highlights its "Ideological Connotation, Innovativeness and Intellectualness".

  • China Smart Home Summit 2015


    China Smart Home Summit 2015 organized by Shenzhen Smart Home Association will be held in Jasmine Hall, 6F Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, from Nov 19 to 20.

  • Business Match


    Based on previous preparation and selection, Business Match arranges face-to-face meetings for those who want to buy certain technologies with sellers of the technologies that meet their conditions and requirements.

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  • Overview of CHTF

    CHTF is the largest and most influential scientific and technological fair in China.

  • How to visit CHTF

    CHTF offers special service to professional visitors. You can apply for registration as a professional visitor on the CHTF website during the valid time.

  • How to get to SZCEC

    SZCEC is only 30 minutes from Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu check point by bus, or 15 minutes by metro.

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